26 July – 6 August 2021

Department of Aquatic Resources Management (IPB University, Indonesia) invites you to participate in The Online International Summer Course 2021: "Tropical Aquatic Biodiversity and Management from Highland to Ocean (H2O)". Get the experiences online fieldtrips to various interesting locations, such as rivers, beaches and marine waters in Indonesia! All these advantages you can only get in the online summer course 2021 from highlands to ocean (H2O). This online summer course is supported by Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FPIK), Center for Coastal and Marine Resources Studies (CCMRS), and IPB University. Are you ready for the upcoming courses? Come join us!

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1. Tropical freshwater ecosystem
2. Tropical estuary and mangrove ecosystem
3. Biology and ecology of plankton and periphyton in freshwater and marine
4. Biology and ecology of benthos in freshwater and marine
5. Biology and ecology of fish in freshwater and marine
6. Biology and ecology of biota in intertidal areas
7. Biology and ecology of seaweed and culture development
8. Biology and ecology of coral reefs
9. Biology and ecology of aquatic megafauna
10. Small islands (investment and vulnerability)
11. Social-Ecological System Approach for Aquatic Resources Management

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Registration deadline:
20 July 2021

Summer course:
26 July – 6 August 2021

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1. Credit earning (2 credits)
2. Expert lecturers and class discussions
3. Learning materials
4. Certificate

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1. Online courses
2. Virtual fieldtrips
3. Final project

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Limited for 60 participants

Only for undergraduate students

Registration fee:
Free for payment fee

Icon Speakers
Prof. Aileen Tan Shau Hwai - H2O
Dr. Ario Damar - H2O
Asep Sahidin, M.Si
Dr. Charles PH Simanjuntak - H2O
Dr. Erina Sulistiani - H2O
Dr. Niken Tunjung Murti Pratiwi - H2O
Dr. Luky Adrianto - H2O
Dr. Sigid Hariyadi - H2O
Dr. Majariana Krisanti - H2O
Dr. Wan M Rauhan Wan Hussin - H2O
Dr. M. Mukhlis Kamal - H2O
Dr. Yonvitner - H2O
  • Sumardi Sastrakusumah Auditorium Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences IPB University, Bogor-Indonesia

  • isarm@apps.ipb.ac.id

  • agusalim@apps.ipb.ac.id

  • +62812-9110-1641 (Agus);
    +62857-1198-3110 (Wulandari)

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